My name is Bart Schouten. With 25 years of experience as teacher, coach, trainer, motivator, group worker en inspirator I’ve got the tools to realize an optimal personalized whole body bootcamp workout for every level of stamina.
I prefere to to start training from the weak link with my clients. From this 0 point the whole system will benefit with the reinforcement of a vulnerable link. From here clients often experience new possibilities which helps them to recognize and accept their body as an complex though trainable system. Achieving new goals in a safe way!



Everybody prefers a fit body to an un-healthy one. How to reach or maintain this goal is not clear for everyone. Sportholistics does know how to do and help you get this clear! We know this is a realistic goal for all of you!
This is your chance to kick off 2018 explosively. November and December you’ll experience a new enthusiasm en drive, and from January you’ll be thriving on your new hobby and feel re-connected with your re-shaped en energised great healthy body!
Besides the variation in duo- and team exercise in circuit or freestyle training there always will be an accent on whole-body, holistic approach. To only work according to the old-school military bootcamp ‘toughie style’ is not the way we think is encouraging on long term, or necessary to stimulate and push participants to their ‘max’ for lifetime result. To stay in control of your body and its movement, flexibility in a physical safe personalised way will always be the fundament of each session.
1) All training will be given outdoor, in fresh air, wind and rain.
2) We’ll work with humor, release and re-charging accents
3) Professional challenging although not to ‘serious’
4) Each time will be different and inspiring in it’s way!

You can count on the next quickly noticeable results:

1) A higher form of body awareness.
2) Increasing fat free body –mass, strength, stamina and body control
3) Improvement of your physical freedom and opportunities
4) Higher activity in natural body activities
5) All –over increasing feeling of wellbeing

Bootcampholistics… How?

We will need a severe Warming-Up when we’ll work out on a High Intensity (Interval)! During the session we’ll only have short moments of relative rest, because we’ll work with active recovery breaks.

In the group we’ll use each other’s body weight, we’ll use random obstacles and small fitness materials. These tools will be effectively set to work on muscle strength, stamina, flexibility and endurance, but let’s not forget about the mental boundary, which is more trainable then most people think! We’ll challenge each other in duo’s and the group motivation will help you reach new personal limits. Sometimes we’ll use music, or even Bellicon trampolines to boost your motivation.
At the end of the session we’ll cool down as a team in which we’ll stretch and relax our heavily exhausted system.
Before the session you’ll have the option to order a special Bootcampholistic recovery smoothie

What and for which price?

What and for which price

The group will count max. 20 participants

Each session will (normally)  cost  €11,-/  €13,- (Incl.)  Super Smoothy á (€2,-)

10  sessions wil (normally) cost  €90,- (incl. 10 x Super Smoothy 110,-)
(3 months)

Unlimited 3 months (max. 24 sessions) (normally) €180,-

Premium abbo = unlimited 3 months =Incl. Super Smoothy  = 200,-

for  booking and program check the calendar.

Bootcampholistics,…when and where?

The Bootcamps will be given on 7 moments in the week, a good opportunity to find two or three suitable moments! Depending on registration the sessions will be done from 4 participants.

  1. Meeting point/ start location at Noorderparkbad =


2)  Buiksloterweg (close to café Ons, acros ‘de sluis’, sixhavenweg, 5 min. walking from the ferry)

Gathering close to the ferry

1) Monday      :           17.00-18.00                 5) Thursday              :          17.00-19.00
2) Monday     :           18.15-19.15                   6) Thursday              :           19.15-20.15
3) Wednesday :       17.00-18.00                 7) Saturday               :           10.00-11.00
4) Wednesday :       18.15-19.15

Registration can be done in different ways up to 2 hours before the training. The sessions will be given with a min. of 4 participants.
When ‘spirit’ expands, and the amount of attendees will grow more sessions will be sceduled.
The training area will cover for about 5 km.